Saturday, February 6, 2010

Principles of Mantis Fist

When you practice forms
leg skills can be clear or hidden
the hands change like yin and yang
limbs move up and down, constantly whirling
arms move out in half circles
these are the characteristics of taiji.

Limbs move up and down, constantly whirling
attack the opponent from all sides and surround him
combinations should flow together
movements dont just have one purpose
the hand represents a plum flower
when emitting power you should "open like a bow"
when finishing a movement you should "contract like a ball"
simultaneously these are the keys to developing mantis movements.

When practicing, you must focus and show spirit.
move the body on the basis of a good foundation
When attacking, you should cooperate hands and feet
move fast like running without stopping
you can hit in all directions or coil left, right, up and down
step in to hit directly, lock in with the left and coil with the right
strike continuously with the cooperation of the elbows
have commitment and spirit in every movement.

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